UNFORGETTABLE “Lost Things” Review

UNFORGETTABLE "Lost Things" Season 1 Episode 8 – As a follow-up to last week’s episode ofUnforgettable, "Lost Things" dove quite a bit into the mythology of the show, namely Carrie’s uber-memory and exactly how she developed it.

There was also a murder mystery, but frankly, the details about the crime escaped me. I know that the victim was killed because she found out about a plot to kill someone else, which is kind of a horrible reason for murder. I’m not saying there are great reasons for murder, but this one seemed worse than others.

What I took away from this episode was the fact that rather than being the one hazy area in Carrie’s past, her sister’s murder was actually the catalyst which turned her good memory into the superpower that it is today.

In flashback, which involved putting an otherwise cute kid actor into a red wig that might have weighed more than she did, we saw the aftermath of Rachel’s murder. Out of grief and a need to move on, her mother cleaned out the room that she and Carrie shared, removing all of Rachel’s things which deeply upset Carrie. Read More...



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