SONS OF ANARCHY “Hands” Review

SONS OF ANARCHY "Hands" Season 4 Episode 10 - Wow. This week’s episode is not only the best of season 4 but, for me, the best of the series so far.

Tara and Jax get a taste of freedom on their way to Oregon for Tara’s hospital conference. With no club worries and no cut to make him stand out from the crowd, Jax is nothing more than a father and, for all intents and purposes, husband. He even has a little chat with a cop before the family stop for a picnic at a park, completely unaware of what’s going on back at home.

Clay starts out this episode by paying the hitman to take out Tara. It’s not until he gets home that he learns Jax and the boys are with her, and he calls Romero to call it off. Romero claims that the hitman can’t be reached – but in reality he just wants Tara dead, no matter what.

Tara is abducted by the hitman and his men, but Jax’s attempts at stopping them causes an accident and he manages to get Tara out of the van, but not before her hand is crushed in the sliding door. They ask for her to be taken back to Charming (with help from the cop from earlier). There Tara learns that while the broken bones can be set, there is significant nerve damage. Her days as a surgeon are over. Read More...


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