COVERT AFFAIRS “Uberlin” Review

COVERT AFFAIRS "Uberlin" Season 2 Episode 12 - And here we are with yet another R.E.M. song title. Three guesses where this episode is set. Yup, you got it in one.

This week Annie is in Berlin trying to find a way ‘in’ with big time money launderer Isaac Von Haagen, who is rumoured to have become involved with terrorists. She decides the best way in is through Isaac’s wife, Elsa. But Elsa has a secret – she used to be an asset. And, as Annie learns, she used to be involved with the then-operative Arthur back in 1989.

Arthur comes to Berlin to meet with Elsa and decides to get involved directly. They’ll tell Issac that Arthur has been selling secrets and needs somewhere to stash the money. He seems to buy it – but then Elsa claims to have overheard Issac saying he’s going to kill them both. Arthur is suspicious – Elsa left him to die once before – but he soon learns that she’s telling the truth.

A BND agent pulls Arthur and Annie off the streets and takes them to an airfield where a plane is waiting for them. But Annie tells Arthur they should go back for Lena. After finding her and taking part in a high speed chase with Isaac, which ends in his arrest, they’re left to say goodbye to Lena as she gets on a plane to the UK. Lena tells Arthur that she didn’t leave him to die back in 1989, rather she was arrested and so couldn’t tell him about the ambush he walked into. Read More...


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