RAISING HOPE “Jimmy and the Kid” Review

RAISING HOPE "Jimmy and the Kid" Season 2 Episode 6 – After my favorite episode of the series last week, Raising Hope had a lot to live up to with this week’s "Jimmy and the Kid". While it didn’t quite live up to the brilliance of "Killer Hope", this was definitely a solid follow-up.

The main story line of the episode was about Jimmy competing with a 13 year old who was temporarilyworking at Howdy’s Market. This had so many hilarious lines, I can’t even really sum it all up. I don’t know who this little blonde kid was, but he was cracking me up! Calling the one girl "Mid-to-late puberty" was disturbingly hilarious, and telling Jimmy that he wants a blonde Asian with junk in her trunk was awesome.

The secondary story line is almost too crazy to recap. Seeing Burt and Virginia become so emotionally conflicted with whether or not they should look through their grandmother’s poop for a golden tooth was one of the grossest and unexpected stories I’ve seen in a comedy show, well, ever. It’s the kind of crazy story that could only be pulled off on this show, and the fact that it can be concluded by the characters hugging each other when they have the epiphany that they aren’t the kind of people who sift through excrement, while they hear their money literally being flushed down the drain, was great. Read More...



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