UP ALL NIGHT “First Night Away” Review

UP ALL NIGHT "First Night Away" Season 1 Episode 8 – In "First Night Away," this week’s Up All Night, Regan and Chris are so desperate for alone time that they’re willing to leave Amy with, of all people, Ava. To everyone’s surprise, maybe even Ava’s, this does not end in disaster.

I’m starting to learn that the stories that make up this show aren’t really plot heavy; they’re just sort milestones in the lives of new parents acted out by funny characters. This might not be a revelation to anyone else, but I guess I kept expecting sitcom-esque situations to come into play eventually.

Not that watching Ava babysit Amy isn’t great; this is the woman who bought the baby a wallet once upon a time. She manages to feed Amy and take her for a walk and when Amy is stuck in her high chair, she even knows to call the first person on the contact list. Read More...



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