SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC "Cut Throat" Season 23 Episode 9 – Yowza! Cochran had to know that some backlash was coming after his becoming a turncoat last episode, but I really didn’t expect thismuch hatred. Yup, Survivor started out "Cut Throat" this week by giving us a good look at Cochran’s self-proclaimed "Frosty reception". When I saw Ozzy react so calmly and level-headed, I thought thatthe rest of the Savaii tribe might follow suit. Nope. Jim laid into Cochran saying again that he was a coward, followed up by the usually silent Whitney absolutely letting him have it.

After Jim won the immunity challenge, it seemed that it was over for Ozzy again as he is the biggest target and he usually wins the immunity necklace. We knew that we were in for an interesting tribal council, and then we knew that something was up when we were going to the tribal council only 22 minutes into the episode. Well, it turns out that we got a double episode tonight! Ozzy was quickly sent to Redemption (again), and will face Keith in the next duel.

After a quick fishing scene with Ozzy and Keith chilling at Redemption, we get to the second immunity challenge of the episode. This challenge was one of those "Temptation challenges" where anybody who does not want to participate can nom on some pastries instead, and this had to be the biggest crowd at the temptation table that I’ve ever seen! All six of Upolu, plus Cochran, spent the challenge eating donuts and iced coffee while Dawn, Jim and Whitney tried to balance a ball on a bow. Read More...


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