THE X FACTOR “Top 11 Perform” Review

THE X FACTOR "Top 11 Perform" Episode 13 – First things first: I hate the whole "marching out the judges" thing. I hated it when they started doing it on American Idol, and I hate it here. Do their egosreally need it? Come on.

Tonight’s live show was called "Movie Night"—nothing that A.I. hasn’t done. Though I guess there’s not much room to be very different.

Here’s how I ranked ‘em in their respective groups:

The Boys:

Brian "Astro" Bradley: In true Eminem fashion, little homie went on the attack. "An’ I ain’t shed a tear yet." Take that, bawlers, there’s a baller in town. Damn! He tore it up. I think I’m an Astronaut. He’s the only person on the show who does original lyrics. Every week. And he makes them viable, timely. (C’mon, he threw Joe Frazier in, and that dude only died two days ago.) Best performance of the night. Read More...


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