LAST MAN STANDING “Good Cop, Bad Cop” Review

LAST MAN STANDING "Good Cop, Bad Cop" Season 1 Episode 6 – Oh, Last Man Standing. I’m having a hard time finding anything to write about this show from week to week. Here’s the thing: It’s not very funny. But here’s the other thing: It’s not offensively bad. It’s just, sort of, there. Sitting firmly inthe middle of the road.

This episode featured what was definitely the most provocative story of the series so far, as Mandy posed topless for some photos she was shooting for a modeling competition. It was a bit creepy to see her in this scene for me, as she’s obviously playing a girl who’s still in high school. The actress who plays her, Molly Ephraim, is actually 25 so I guess it wasn’t that bad, but it just didn’t seem like the kind of thing Mandy would do. She’s ditzy and shallow, sure, but not slutty.

This episode really made me realize how similar the family situation in this show is to Modern Family. Eve is very similar to Alex, the brainy and sarcastic youngest sister. Mandy is like Hailey, the ditzy and self-absorbed pretty girl. Even Kristin is similar to Claire, as the over-worked and exasperated mother. It adds to the overwhelming feeling of "Been there, done that" that is brought on by the entire show. Read More...


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