CRIMINAL MINDS “There’s No Place Like Home” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS "There’s No Place Like Home" Season 7 Episode 7 – Depending on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, Criminal Mindsc is an intriguing show when it comes to developing characters. Weeks can go by without a much more than a word about any of the character’s home lives or personal conflicts. Then suddenly we get stormed with Rossi’s ex wife returned to seek a mercy killing from her husband and, in this week’s episode, JJ’s personal crisis comes to a simmer when her hectic work overpowers her family life in the face of a potential crisis.

Since I’m an optimist (I really am…at least on weekdays) I choose to latch on to these moments, rare as they come, and appreciate the hell out of them. It’s like that old joke about being stuck in a desert and finding a cracker and thinking it’s the greatest thing you’ve ever tasted simply because you’re severely low in carbohydrates, or something. I kinda forget how the rest of that goes. Read More...


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