Glee Recap: Losing It

I’d just like to start off by saying that I think this was one of the most genuine, nicely plotted, musically adept, borderline-moving episodes of Glee  I’ve seen in a long time—by far the best episode of the season. Kurt and Blaine’s tentative sexual relationship is treated with a respect and sensitivity not usually afforded gay characters in prime time, to the point that this might even be a groundbreaking piece of television (last night, people in America’s Heartland, probably over some sort of braised meat, watched two well-adjusted gay teenagers have fulfilling, unregrettable sex—and that is CRAZY). The Coach Beiste story line (see below) is humane and sweet. Plus, the musical numbers sounded like actual humans actually singing! Nicely done, Glee. That said, now I will make fun of you because you are still totally bonkers.

Hey, Artie exists! In case you forgot! (I did!) He starts the episode off with a monologue about how directing the musical has led him to his new passion in life: yelling at people. Opening night of West Side Story is just days away, but there’s one great, big, throbbing problem: Rachel and Blaine (Maria and Tony) have zero chemistry! And Artie thinks he knows why — both of those losers are total virgins. (It couldn’t possibly be because one is a gay and one is a huge asshole.) Artie’s directorial solution is to publicly shame his teenage stars into running out and losing their virginities in time for the big show! Because a high school musical production is just that important (no, it’s not). Confidential to Artie: Even porn directors aren’t allowed to coerce their actors into having sex. You are creeping me out. Read More...


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