'Survivor: South Pacific': Two Tribal Councils!


It's a hurry-up night on "Survivor: South Pacific," as we go through two whole rounds in one episode.Post TribalNeedless to say, the old Savaii are not happy with Cochran. People were commenting last week that he went from being sixth man on one tribe to seventh man on another, but I disagree. First of all, why wouldn't you want to side with people who are being nice to you and treating you decently, as opposed to people who have treated you like crap for two weeks? Secondly, he makes a fair point that he didn't want it to come down to rocks. Drawing rocks sucks. I wouldn't want to take that chance either when I can guarantee somebody else goes home by switching.After Tribal, Ozzy the pouty baby is all, "You totally screwed me over." Hey, guess what, Ozzy? It's not all about you. Cochran is not there it help YOU win a million dollars....



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