'America's Next Top Model': Greece is the word


The "America's Next Top Model" girls head to Greece, to be part of a Greek salad for their photoshoot. Yes, really.Greece is the WordThe girls find out it's time to head to Greece. Before they leave, Lisa makes some snotty comments about Allison and how she (Lisa) is more the whole package. You're just mad you got beat at the music video contest, Lisa.They have a challenge on the flight to Crete where they have to prepare a one-minute speech that includes a bunch of Greek words. No huge surprise that Angelea thinks she'll just wing it. Because if it's memorized it won't have her flavor or something.Allison rocks it and wins the challenge. Most of the girls really biff it. Poor Laura is so awkward and hardly uses any Greek. She's hilarious. Angelea hardly uses any Greek and then makes a bathroom joke. Oh lordy.Designer ActivityThe girls get to work with Michael Cinco to...



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