American Horror Story 1.06 "Piggy Piggy" Recap

American Horror Story frightfully continues its first season with episode 6 "Piggy Piggy," bringing Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet into the fold as Ben (Dylan McDermott's) new patient, while Violet unravels the ghostly mystery of Tate Langdon's past.  In case you missed out, we've got all the ghostly twists and turns to hold you over until the next terrifying episode!

Of course, if you’re too frightened to watch the action for yourself, read on for our American Horror Story recap of "Piggy Piggy"!

Back in good old 1994, Constance (Jessica Lange) answers the door of what we now know to be the Harmons' home, greeting an entire SWAT team looking for Tate (Evan Peters).  They enter the house, as we flash to an earlier scene at the high school library, populated by students whom we now know to be the vengeful spirits of Tate’s school massacre from "Halloween, Part 2!"  As the shots ring outside the library, the four students and the librarian cower in fear and barricade the door.

When Tate finds another entrance, the teacher attempts to block it only to be shot through the door.  Tate then slowly stalks around the library killing each student in turn, even putting down the jock boy for trying to confront him.  As the last shot rings out, we cut back to the SWAT team inside the house, entering Tate’s room and training their sights on him.  Tate slowly rises from the bed and raises his hands, gesturing a gunshot to his own head. Read More...


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