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'Survivor' recap: Double Trouble

I should be taking a stand one way or another on Jim referring to John as a “piece of s--- coward,” a “poor excuse of a man,” and a “f---ing piece of s--- nerd.” But I won’t. I should take a side after Whitney told the rock-phobic law student  “you disgust me.” But I choose not to. However there is one comment on which I willrule, and that comment belongs to Ozzy Lusth, who informed the camera that John’s flip-flop was all about self-preservation. “That’s how a wiener plays.” A what? A wiener? Who the hell still uses that word? Seriously, unless you have a dachshund or some sort of Oscar Mayer jingle obsession, there is absolutely no reason to be using the word wiener. Which is exactly why I am in complete support of it being used here. I don’t care if John was or was not being a wiener. It is not my concern. Nor is the alleged wiener’s wiener my concern either. However the fact that one person is calling another a wiener? Simply fantastic. Old-school put-downs are the best. I can only hope that this will lead to a flood of obsolete name-calling among the cast.Blockhead! Harpy! Knucklehead! Muckracker! Nincompoop! I hereby support all of those words and anyone who dares employ them. Read More...

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