American Horror Story Review: Here Piggy Pig Pig

"Piggy Piggy" was the name of an urban legend that left guest star, Eric Stonestreet, as Derek, deeply, emotionally paralyzed. Naming any urban legend filled him with such fear that he was unable to function. Goody for him, he chose the good Doctor Ben to treat him.

Given what he has seen in the months since moving into the house of horrors, and his unorthodox methods of treatment, Ben should be stripped of his license. If he even has one. Does he remember seeing Hayden, burying her under the gazebo? He walks around as if in a fog of utter denial that anything in his life is real.

As I watched him take Derek into the bathroom, turn off the light and demand that he say "here piggy pig pig" into the mirror, I was a) shocked that he would even consider doing that after what he's witnessed in the house, and b) majorly annoyed that he didn't at least open the shower curtain so the poor guy didn't have to wonder what was behind it! I can't be the only one who prefers clear curtains just in case there is something lurking back there. Read More...


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