Recap: 'Top Chef' - 'The Heat Is On'

This is the final episode dedicated to whittling down the massive number of chefs with whom we started in the "Top Chef" quest to get down to a more reasonable count of 16, so, again, don't get used to anyone. But I will say that, if the looks of the food we're seeing is any indication (and I know, it can look good and taste like a bath towel), the level of cooking this season is pretty extraordinary. I'm not even hungry watching the show and I'm drooling a little. Given that it seems like every other competitor is a James Beard nominee or an executive chef for so-and-so famous guy, all I can think is 1) I wish I could crash one of these dinners and 2) I'm pretty sure Padma (who says she gains about 15 pounds each season) will be investing in even more maxidresses than usual. We're gonna see some really, really good eats. 

In the stew room, Grayson, Ed, Molly and Janine bond. But not too much, as Edward doesn't want anyone to get in his way. Edward is not messing around. I like Edward, but I do think he might cut someone to get off the button.  Read More...


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