Survivor: South Pacific 23.09 "Cut Throat" Recap

If you missed last week's all important episode, make sure you catch up with my recap here.

This week's installment of Survivor: South Pacific begins after Te Tuna's first Tribal Council.  Back at camp, Ozzy asks Cochran what's up with his vote.  Cochran says that he has wanted to play this game so bad that the didn't want his fate decided by rocks.  Brandon tries to butt in to make sure no one is being rough with Cochran, but Ozzy shoos him away.  Ozzy says that Cochran stabbed him in the back "so hard." Cochran says it was self-preservation.  Jim calls him a coward and says he never wants to speak to him again.  Whitney then reads Cochran the riot act because she and Keith had saved him three times.  Now, they'll be picked off one by one.  "You disgust me," she concludes.  On the other hand, Upolu welcomes Cochran with open arms (literally! Rick hugged him!  And thus ends the Rick portion of the episode.). Read More...


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