'American Horror Story' recap: Sympathy For The Devil. Or Not.

The year is 1994. Around the world, Quentin Tarantino is blowing up with Pulp Fiction. In Seattle, Kurt Cobain is opting out with a shotgun to the head. And in a Los Angeles suburb, an old Victorian built decades earlier by a deranged taxidermist and basement abortionist is home to a boy who idolizes both of those iconic high school drop-outs. He is sitting on the edge of his bed and listening to his mother cry and the thunder of boots rumbling toward his bedroom. He waits.


The Jock and The Cheerleader are flirting. The Goth is reading. The Geek taps on a computer. They are inside the library of Westfield High when they hear two sets of gunshots – two bangs, then three. Enter The Stoner, completing the Breakfast Club set. His hands are wet with someone else’s blood. "Someone is shooting up the school," he says. "Just shooting!" He builds a barricade with a chair and book cart. The Jock wants to run. Another pair of gunshots changes his mind. Read More...



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