Soul Eater Season 1 Review

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Based on the manga by Atsushu Okubo, which is at fifteen volumes in Japan and still running as of this release, Soul Eater is a fifty one episode series which ran from early 2008 to early 2009. The first thirteen episodes of this release are some of the most visually distinct that I've seen in a long time where it really stands out on its own and not exactly ripping off or copying other shows or manga. It's the kind of show where you can easily see it being broadcast in the US on a late night channel and garnering quite the following simply because of its style and it's approach to storytelling.

Soul Eater revolves around a place called the DWMA, the Death Weapon Meister Academy, which resides in a place called Death City. It's in this place that Lord Death operates as something of a headmaster of the academy where meisters are taught to connect, control and utilize their weapons. The weapons are really intriguing as they take on human form but revert to different kinds of weapon form depending on how their training goes with their meister and the skills they acquire. Those who train within the DWMA are often sent out into the world at large to deal with the issue of Kishin, creatures who eat human souls and grow more powerful and twisted. What can stop these creatures are the Death Weapons themselves as they devour the souls of these creatures.

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