Survivor : South Pacific 'We’re Picking Them Off, One By One'

Previously on Survivor – the merge, Ozzy survived Redemption Island, and Cochran betrayed his team for a cozier relationship with Coach’s tribe.

This week – if Cochran thought he was disliked before, he’s about to learn what it’s like to be the most hated person on a desert island. My hope, that Cochran had an actual double agent plan, is immediately dashed when Cochran gives Ozzy his whiny excuse for the blindside: "I didn’t want my fate to be decided by picking a stone out of a bag."  Ozzy is surprisingly low key, but even so, Brandon scoots between the two, intent on protecting Cochran. "I just want to make sure no one’s being aggressive with him," he interrupts.  Ozzy brushes off Brandon’s concerns. "We’re not like gangsters out here, man."

Cochran finishes by saying his decision was made in the interest of self-protection. Ozzy is contemptuous, but quietly walks away. Jim, on the other hand, gets right up in Cochran’s face, while Whitney can barely speak, she’s so angry.  "Keith and I saved you three times, and that’s what you do? Really? Really? You disgust me."

Luckily, Coach, Brandon and the Coachettes welcome Cochran warmly. He’s still a little high at standing up against his former tribe mates, but being the object of their contempt is not sitting well with him either.  Read More...


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