AMERICAN HORROR STORY "Piggy, Piggy" Episode 6 – In the world of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, "Piggy, Piggy" wasn’t as strange as the series has been in the past. Instead of mysterious men dressed in vinyl fetish suits, this week we get to see a little slice into Tate’s past.

In what was probably the highest tension opening scene of American Horror Story, "Piggy, Piggy" starts with Tate’s high school, taking us back to 1994. It’s normal day, kids are studying in the library, the goth girl is (of course) looking through an old dusty book with a strange occult symbol on the cover, the "nerd" is busy at the computer. When through the silence several "pops" are heard. We know this is Tate shooting up the place, but as a character they have no idea what’s going on until another student comes tearing into the library explaining the situation.

No one seems to know who Tate actually is, not that it overly matters WHO the shooter is especially when they’ve found a way through your barricade. Tate hunts down the group of kids from last week’s episode one by one and ruthlessly shoots them where they stand. It was a hard scene to watch, and had me squirming on my couch. Read More...


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