Freedom Part 1 Review

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In the 21st Century, humanity begins building space stations on the far side of the moon. It was fortuitous timing, because in the mid-point of the century, an accident with a large station in an Earth orbit causes the station to crash into the planet. The collision sets off a chain reaction of explosions and global climate change that make the planet unlivable, and humanity is forced to take refuge in their new lunar domes.

Now, three hundred years later, humanity continues to live and thrive in the domes -EDEN- and works to the hope that one day the Earth with recover and they can return to their planet. But so far, their hopes have been in vain. Still, with increasing government regulations and rules, humanity has never before experienced such a long period of peace and prosperity. As long as everybody does their part and follows the rules, there is no reason it cannot stay that way.

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