COMMUNITY “Studies in Modern Movement” Review

COMMUNITY "Studies in Modern Movement" Season 3 Episode 7 – After two incredible episodes recently in "Remedial Chaos Theory" and "Horror Fiction in Five Spooky Steps", it’s been looking like Community is back on track after an admittedly slow start to the season. This week we had a big story beat to develop, which was Annie moving in with Troy and Abed, and seeing how all of the group members dealt with this move. Some were hilarious and heartwarming, and some were…well…just all right.

Starting with what worked, I really think just about everything that Troy and Abed says is funny. After seeing their crazy house party in "Remedial Chaos Theory", I was interested to see how the clean cut and uptight Annie would fit in. Alison Brie was great here, as her little pep-talk from Britta where she was encouraged to be "Loosey goosey" made her ungulate and dance around like a wet noodle as she tried to roll with the crazy punches that Troy and Abed kept throwing. Seeing her react to her blanket fort, and then eventually the Dreamatorium, was so great as it contrasted so well with how moved she was by the efforts of the puppet show and her real new bedroom. Read More...


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