BURN NOTICE “Breaking Point” Review

BURN NOTICE "Breaking Point" Season 5 Episode 14 – In this episode, Michael is juggling a few jobs, just like he normally does. Both of them are connected to people he loves – first there’s the one he has to do for Anson in order to save Fi and the other is getting revenge for the murder of a childhood friend, Andre.

Andre’s brother Ricky comes to Michael when the police aren’t too keen on spending a lot of time solving the murder of an apparent gang member. Ricky assures Michael that Andre’s been out of that life and soon they even have themselves a witness who can prove who killed him. It’s all cut and dry until the witness gets herself killed. All seems lost but only for about five minutes or so, then Michaelis back on track with a plan to get the bad guy to basically put himself in jail – which of course he does, seeing as how the alternative was a life where he would be hunted down in the streets by the rest of this gang. Read More...



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