GREY’S ANATOMY “Dark Was the Night” Review

GREY"S ANATOMY Season 8, Episode 9 "Dark Was the Night" – I haven’t been this upset by an episode of Grey’s Anatomy since the shooting episode (to be clear the shooting of Alex and the Mercy Grace doctors, not the shooting of Burke, that was fine). Yes, we all knew Henry was going to die. That’s what happens when you marry one your gravely ill patients. Still, his character was bringing some badly needed humor to the show. The great one liners to break up all the death had normally been Bailey’s domain, but with all her anger lately it was up to Henry, and now he’s gone.

If Henry dying wasn’t bad enough, there were all sorts of awful head games surrounding it. I sort of understood the logic of keeping his identify from Christina, but I still think ultimately the doctors work better when their attached to whoever is on the table. They kept working on Meredith post drowning way longer than they would have with a stranger, they ignored Izzy’s DNR, and they really kicked it into gear when they realized George was the hit by the bus guy. I almost didn’t buy her dramatic reaction, the tears and the flailing seemed un-Christina like, but I think it makes sense that her guilt combined with the shock and betrayal of being misinformed could create such a reaction. Read More...


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