THE LEAGUE “Yobogoya” and “Carmenjello” Review

THE LEAGUE "Yobogoya" and "Carmenjello" Season 3 Episodes 6 & 7 – I’ll start my recaps of The League right after I finish doing some urban foraging.

The League had two opportunities to impress tonight by running back-to-back new episodes. The first one was an episode of battles. Taco battled the rest of the Yobogoya jingle competition contestants and Ruxin to stay in the fantasy league. He was successful on both counts. In addition to losing his battle with Taco, Ruxin’s immune system lost its battle with a sinus infection. Andre’s battle with the anti-foraging crowd has to be called a draw since they made him cry while he wore a Robin Hood hat. Pete pulled out a nice victory over his nemesis Glovesy, the crossing guard. Kevin finished the episode by losing his battle to the Yobogoya food chain. Even still, tough to argue with 3 pounds of "meat" for $2.99. Who doesn’t jump on that deal.

The only really disappointing part of episode one was the marginalization of Jenny. Jenny routinely is one of my favorite parts of The League, but she didn’t have much to do here. She was Ruxin’s Patient Zero for his cold, but that was it. She clearly didn’t figure into the first episode’s gameplan. I wish I would have known that because she didn’t get me any fantasy points this episode. Read More...


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