PRIME SUSPECT (US) “Wednesday’s Child” Review

PRIME SUSPECT "Wednesday’s Child" Episode 7 – Tonight’s episode of Prime Suspect begins with Jane and Calderon partnering up to figure out the cause of a 5-year-old child’s death.

Detective Rivera returns again this week. Rivera is Prime Suspect‘s anti-Timoney. Admittedly, I am not a Rivera fan but I hope that her appearance means the episode will bring an end to the bar robberies. She’s doing some major flirting with Duffy, which could be a good thing. Perhaps a woman inhis life would make him a little less cranky. I’m not quite convinced that even a harem of women would change is crabby disposition towards Timoney. I was cautiously excited about the "play date" Rivera set up with Duffy because I was not sure what her motives were at that point in the episode. She was a little too eager to get Jane’s advice a few weeks ago on the bar robbery suspects. Is she a horrible detective using Duffy? Is she just insecure? Why does she not have a partner?

The entire episode could have done without Sweeney’s storyline. That, along with the murder, Rivera’s reappearance and Timoney’s dad having surgery felt like one too many storylines for a single episode. Hopefully this is a temporary departure. That aside, we got more of the detectives working with just enough of the jokes and antics – it was pitch perfect. Here’s hoping we get more balanced character dynamics like this in the remaining episodes. Read More...


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