THE OFFICE “Pam’s Replacement” Review

THE OFFICE "Pam’s Replacement" Season 8, Episode 7 – I assume Andy was trying to model himself after his old boss when he used one of Michael Scott’s classic sales tactics in the cold open for tonight’s episode of The Office. There were more than a few variables Andy failed to account for in his version of the "important call" scheme, but the most critical ended up being Erin.

When Pam was receptionist, she did her best to prevent Michael from embarrassing himself, albeit unsuccessfully. With Erin in that same role, that "important call" sales tactic was doomed to go horribly – and hilariously – awry. Erin’s got a twisted mind inside that pretty head and Andy probably should have expected she would come up with something as horrendous as his mother being hit by a bus.

Tonight’s episode of The Office had Pam training a hot new temp, Cathy, to fill in for her while she was on maternity leave. The buzz among the staff led to some pretty brilliant conversations about "the hottest thing ever" which, according to Toby, would be a pregnant Helen Mirrin in a bikini.

Pam’s pregnancy has hit a stage where she’s feeling big and un-sexy, so although this new temp would not be a threat to her at any other phase in her life, she’s suddenly paranoid that Jim is attracted to Cathy and not being honest about it. Read More....


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