'America's Next Top Model's' Shannon Ratliff: 'I was tired of being bullied in the judging room'


Shannon Ratliff is the most recent model eliminated from "America's Next Top Model." She talks to Zap2it about her experience on the show. Are you glad you came back to "America's Next Top Model"? "Wow, that's a tough question. It was pitched to me like it would be about branding and whatever in particular you want to do - if you want to do acting, you can focus on acting. If you want to sing, you can do that. And then it turned out to be the exact same thing as every other cycle."Do you regret your decision not to do the photoshoot in Greece?"No way, absolutely not ... At the end of the day, I knew they wanted a girl that would do anything. I have standards. I can't be controlled by people. There's something things I won't do and that's it. I don't try to force my beliefs on other people and I...



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