Community 3.07 "Studies In Modern Movement" Recap

"Studies In Modern Movement" starts with the packing up of Annie's ghetto apartment, where Britta tries to teach the 20-year-old the specifics of "roommate drama" since our sweet Annie can’t believe she'd ever get sick of her two friends. Troy and Abed show up not moments later, decked out in their "#AnniesMoves" shirt (they’re live tweeting the entire move, using that particular hashtag) while Pierce arrives with Shirley, asking where Jeff is. He had told the group he was apparently sick and an unbelieving Britta calls him up, attempting to catch him in a lie. She should know by now that Jeff is smarter than that – he’s trying on clothes at the GAP (just like she predicts) but by bribing a saleswoman to act like a doctor, he convincingly is able to lie to Britta about being in the hospital.

Annie realizes that she’s almost out of packing tape, and then finds out that Abed's used it all to tape Troy to the back of the bathroom door. It’s all a little too much for our favorite perfectionist, who very nearly cracks at the immaturity level she’s choosing to subject herself too until Britta drags her outside and tells her a hilarious story about when she lived in Amsterdam with a guy who did too many drugs. "Loosey goosey," she says to Annie, telling her she should just go with the flow and try to be less uptight (love that Britta’s loosening up advice came from getting high.) Annie agrees, and when she comes back into the apartment and finds her bubble wrap gone (Troy wrapped Abed’s head in it) she manages to keep her cool – even when Troy breaks one of her outlets. She leaves with the boys to drive over to their apartment, while Pierce stays to try to fix up the apartment. Shirley is forced into driving with Britta when Pierce offers to drive her himself. Read More...


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