Bones Photos: Morgan Fairchild to Guest Star in Episode 7.03

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This week's episode of Bones featured the newest addition to the team: squintern Finn.  The arrival of this young genius wasn't exactly met with happiness.  Hodgins, in particular, didn't get along with him, and Cam was concerned about his shady past.  Fortunately, he and Hodgins came to a truce and it looks like Finn will be sticking around for a while.

The episode also revealed the gender of Booth and Brennan's baby: it's a girl!  But Booth was upset when Brennan didn't invite him to the ultrasound appointment, not understanding how big a deal it would be for him.  Fortunately, after spending a day "walking in Booth's shoes", Brennan came to a better understanding about his feelings.

In the November 17 episode of Bones, Morgan Fairchild guest stars as the CEO of a toy company.  When one of the toy company's executives is found murdered, the CEO allows Booth and Sweets to access the company's classified prototype lab.  Carla Gallo also makes a return appearance as Daisy Wick, who returns to support Sweets while he prepares for his gun certification test.  Brennan also worries about being a good mother and uses the toy company case as an opportunity to learn about playing with her child.

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