The Big Bang Theory 5.09 Recap 'The power of the non-date'

It's sort of surprising that Penny and Leonard haven't done anything together under that all too confusing label of 'just friends' since they broke up. But in tonight's episode, the pair give the idea of just hanging out with 'sex completely off the table' a go. Meanwhile back at home, Sheldon learns to get over a life-long fear with the help of Amy and Bernadette.

Leonard and Penny meet up in the beginning of the episode and make plans to go to the movies together as friends only. When they get there, things begin typically enough with Penny forcing her choice of movie on Leonard (something with Jennifer Aniston of course). But Leonard suddenly comes to the powerful realization of how different things can be when you and your former significant other go out after the relationship has ended. This cocky take-charge Leonard uses his newly found powers for what some would say is evil, as he tells Penny that they will be skipping the latest insipid rom-com in favor of a documentary. About a dam. He also makes Penny pay for her own ticket as hey, let's be honest, when it's not a date that is exactly how things should be—pretty girl or not. Read More...


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