Chu-Bra! Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Radical Puberty

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Chu-Bra has done the fairly standard setup with the first few episodes introducing the core characters and then focusing on their mission, this time to create the Underwear Appreciation society. Along the way we got some nice friendships that are being built up and a secondary character in Mizuno as the teacher and club advisor becoming more involved in their society. She also had the added benefit of knowing Nayu's older brother Keigo which introduced a potential non-school age romance into the show.

At the halfway mark of the series, Chu-bra finally brings in its next character that's been skirting the edges of the show for a bit now with Kiyono. She's been floating around most of the episodes, sometimes saying something biting or just giving a look, but now she's made her intent clear to join the Underwear Appreciation Society. And unlike the other girls as Yako has come to find out, Kiyono plays by a different set of rules. It's discovered that she is the same age as the rest of them but she has a different approach to life as she's plainly looking for the love of her life and is intent on making sure she can attract him. And because of that, much to Nayu's dismay, she views underwear as a weapon whereas Nayu views it as something to protect oneself with.

The meetings are fairly awkward at this point because of the two views and poor Komachi is getting caught up in the middle of it. Nayu wants to use the approach of talking about comfort, value and design of underwear and even brings in a disassembled bra as a kit of sorts to showcase the point. Kiyono wants to use the Society to help herself become more womanly. She's already getting grief from the school as she uses some make-up and she's also quite open about showing off her underwear, something that strikes fear in Yako. The core argument of the episode is an interesting on aimed at Nayu where she has to grow to learn that there's value in underwear that's not functional in terms of support and protection. That underwear can be used to entice, excite and attract men.

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