Grey's Anatomy Recap: "Dark Was the Night"

We told you Grey's Anatomy's midseason finale would make you bawl your eyes out. Take a moment to grab a tissue... OK?

After being checked into the hospital, Henry had to undergo surgery. Since The Chief isn't knowledgeable in more high-tech surgeries, Teddy decided to enlist Cristina to do the surgery, but keep her unaware of who the patient actually was by using a drape over Henry's face. Meanwhile, Meredith and Derek learned they weren't getting Zola back, Jackson botched a major surgery under Callie's supervision, and Alex and Meredith are in a near-fatal — or possibly very fatal for the other car — accident. Let's check out the top moments of this week's episode, where we'll reveal the answers to this week's Grey's Anatomy guessing game...


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