'Parks and Recreation' - 'The Treaty': Are we having fun yet?

A review of tonight's "Parks and Recreation"coming up just as soon as I make geo-political problem-solving my bitch... 

"The Treaty" functioned as a nice companion piece to "End of the World," again dealing with the difficulty Leslie and Ben are having being around each other post-break-up. Only where their story last week was mostly sad and sweet, this time it was absurdly, riotously funny. 

We know Amy Poehler plays lunacy well, and she sure did it tonight with Leslie's declaration of war on Peru (including her boast about showing Ben's decapitated head to his weeping mama), but how great was Adam Scott throughout? I thought the multiple, spastic "fun"s of his talking head interview was going to be the highlight, but then came Ben announcing that Denmark had been formally condemned and proudly dropping the microphone and walking away in the nerdiest slam of all time. That it was then followed by Leslie making like Nikita Khrushchev with her shoe and then April and the moon joining in the Coalition of the Willing? Demented genius. Read More...



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