Naruto Shippuden Season 4 Episode 124 Review: Fate

First off I apologize for not covering last weeks episode - 123 as I was away on vacation again and have been too busy with work to catch up on all the series I'm covering. The 124th episode of Naruto Shippuden entitled Art picks up with Sasuke facing off against Deidara.

Sasuke definitely underestimated this member of the Akatsuki as Deidara proves to be a worthy opponent, throwing all kinds of chakra/clay bombs at Sasuke. He gets Tobi to plant his clay land mine bombs underground and then assaults Sasuke from above (last episode).

Deidara's ultimate attack is a massive bomb that consists of millions of nano sized clay bombs that attack at the cellular level .. totally deteriorating the enemy. Sasuke avoids it once with his Genjutsu and counter attacks Deidara. However, thanks to his previous combat experience with Itachi, Deidara has somehow trained his left eye to counter the Sharingan and traps Sasuke in close quarters with his nano attack.

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