'Community' recap: The Dreamatorium

Once upon a time, Princess Annie lived in a scary neighborhood forest.

Like Rapunzel she found herself locked away in a tower. Unlike Rapunzel, this tower stood above a forbidden realm called Dildopolis. The darkest of magic kept Annie in this tower -- namely, the lack of coin. And she was subjected to the depredations of the incontinent Count Spaghetti. Then, one shining day, woodsman Troy and his emotionally unavailable unicorn, B-bed, asked the Princess, "Girl, how you livin’?" They rescued her from her captivity and brought her back to their blanket fort. And they all lived happily ever after, drenched in their own awesomeness.

This story has been brought to you by the yogurt Jamie Lee Curtis uses to poop.

Pierce would call that story "gay code," but that’s exactly how Troy and Abed saw themselves when they invited Annie to come live with them in their newly christened Casa Trobed. Shadow puppet fairy tales are all well and good but, like Annie’s wheelchair-bound neighbor who polices her building’s disabled parking spots, the would-be knights in tin-foil armor had an agenda. They needed a woman to show them how to iron and remove their Kool-Aid stains from their clothes, since they’d already discovered that applying the opposite color Kool-Aid doesn’t work. Annie quickly discerned her saviors’ Seven Dwarves-like incapability of taking care of themselves and general man-childism -- Troy hanging from her bedroom door in a veritable Shelob’s web of packing tape was a bad sign. Read More...



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