'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Turning Tables

I'm always flattered when someone tells me that he or she (okay, always she) didn't fully understand all that went down on a particularly twisty episode of The Vampire Diaries until reading my recap. Well, if you correct me in the comments section this week, be kind! Let's dig in and hope for the best.

Operation Lure Klaus Back commenced with Stefan making the call to inform Klaus, who was busy making hybrids in the Portland woods, that Mikael had been daggered. We flashed back to the planning process, which I had to rewind multiple times because I was distracted by how good Stefan looked in his V-neck and how much of a waste it was to dress Damon in a crewneck. Seriously, never do that again, wardrobe department. You're better than that. Stefan would tell Klaus that Mikael had followed Elena into the study to nab her and use her as bait to smoke Klaus out. Stefan and Damon vervained Mikael (because that's believable) and discovered he was carrying a dagger that he planned to use on Rebekah. They drove it through his heart. Mikael jumped in at this point and said he'd play dead, because Klaus would need proof. I thought he meant, like, texting him a photo, but compelled Stefan needed to be able to honestly tell Klaus that he saw Mikael daggered with his own eyes. Since a vampire can't stake an Original without dying, Elena would have to do the honors. Mikael had an insurance policy so she would wake him up: Only he knew where he was keeping a stake fashioned out of the ancient oak tree that would kill Klaus. Klaus ultimately asked to speak to Rebekah, and she confirmed Mikael's run-in with a dagger as well. She told Klaus she was miserable and wanted to see him. He told her he'd be home soon. Game on! Read More...



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