Bones Review: The Ultrasound and the Gluttony

Bones ventured into the world of competitive eating last night, while introducing us to a new squintern and a new source of friction in what's become the "new normal" relationship of Booth and Brennan.

I'll get to Bones' huge baby news in a bit, but let me begin by saying that even after six-plus seasons, the episode titles ("The Hot Dog in the Competition") and gruesome bodies never cease to amuse.

This is because they're so elaborate, both physically and in terms of storyline. Tackling something such as the "Gluttony Games" is not an easy thing for writers to do with both humor and aplomb.

Bones does it, though, and if you made it through the first appearance of the python without losing your dinner, both the sight gags and thematic parallels with the characters' lives were well done. Read More...


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