Community Recap: We Call It … the Dreamatorium

Well, that was really sweet. "Studies in Modern Movement" was an episode that had something new around every corner, each turn involving some nice little character moment. There wasn’t a ton of story, but there didn’t really need to be; it was more like "twelve short films about Community" (or whatever number) that brought its lead characters closer together by the end. Like "Remedial Chaos Theory," without all the troll-doll eating.

The episode only required a modest setup. It’s finally time for Annie to bid her crappy apartment and its neighborhood pee-guy Spaghetti, good-bye. She’s taking Troy and Abed up on their offer to live with them, and her friends have gathered to help her move — some, actually just Troy and Abed and kind of the Dean, are live tweeting the whole thing, too. (SYNERGY.) There are a few things to do around the old apartment to ensure Annie gets her security deposit back, and though Pierce volunteers to hang back and tidy up, he winds up spilling paint and accidentally sealing himself in. Shirley and Britta drive some boxes over to the new place, but wind up bickering about religion. Jeff, wanting no part of this, claims he’s sick and ropes a Gap employee into the whole scam, asking her to shout nurse-ly things into the phone so no one knows he’s out shopping. (And after? "I’m gonna try on some bootcuts … then maybe … a blazer?" None of this, sadly, poor girl.) Read More...


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