The Secret Circle Review: Double the Darkness

That was sort of a lame cliffhanger, wasn't it?

To conclude its opening nine-episode run, The Secret Circle didn't leave viewers anxious with how a storyline would be resolved, it simply dropped a major plot point on us in order to set the stage for 2012.

Another member of the coven hails from the "Balcoin" bloodline and is the child of John Blackwell. That's interesting to ponder, but two points:

  1. It's clearly Faye, right? A spellbound Jane admitted earlier in the episode that Dawn had a thing for JB.
  2. It's difficult to get too excited or anxious about what a second, dark magic-filled circle member might mean... because we're not even clear on what it means for the first one. We've been given flashes on Cassie's power, but there's a great deal more to learn about her first, making it difficult to care much about a half-sister.

I was hoping for more. Couldn't the episode have concluded with Cassie getting kidnapped? Wouldn't such an action have made for a better cliffhanger than a simple reveal and a wide shot of the group on the pier, all safe for now? Read More...


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