'Parks And Recreation' - 'The Treaty' Recap

Sure, the concept of Leslie and Ben’s personal trouble causing a model war to break out at Pawnee’s model UN is funny enough in concept—with some effective barbs at the actual UN—but overall, this felt just like a retread of last week’s otherwise great episode. Last week, Leslie and Ben decided that they could remain friends after some awkward tension built up when they were forced to work together. This week, I guess, puts that decision to the test when Leslie invites Ben to help her run the model UN for Pawnee’s little Knopes and Bens (you know, dorks). Okay, so it’s not exactly a retread, but it’s definitely dwelling on some familiar territory.

Things seem to be going well at first, with Leslie trying to impress Ben with her flag collection, and Ben getting right into the spirit of things by helping kids forge trade agreements and treaties or… whatever the hell you do in model UNs. But trouble starts when Leslie gets dragged off by her campaign manager to do some photo ops, Ben doesn’t take to being shunned and he shuts Leslie out of the kids model UNing. Things escalate from there, and soon enough, Leslie—flustered by Ben saying that being friends isn't working out—uses her power as Denmark to declare war on Peru. I mean, Ben. Read More...



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