'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Balcoin'

by Ryan Downey

Last night's mid-season finale of "The Secret Circle" put a huge emphasis on that second word in the show's title! During the final moments of "Balcoin," a MAJOR secret was uncovered that has the potential to fundamentally change much of what we learned before now.

Cassie's ability to tap into dark energy is derived from her father, John Blackwell. And she's got a "Secret Sibling!"

Who could that be? The always darkly enchanting Faye, perhaps? After all, we also learned that her mom used to have the hots for ole' Johnny. Whomever it is, it's obviously somebody we've already gotten to know. Of course we won't find out who it is exactly until after the show returns in January. But "Balcoin" gave us much to chew on throughout the exposition-heavy/mythology-building episode.

The episode kicks off with Chance Harbor getting things together for a fundraising event, which reminded Crush of all of those "Founders" events that happen in Mystic Falls over on "The Vampire Diaries": a lot of hustle and bustle for several townsfolk around a single event. Read More...



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