'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Homecoming'

by Cassie Title

Homecoming: It’s a time for football, dances, dresses and good ol’ fashioned popularity contests. But in Mystic Falls, it became a time for bizarro keg parties/wakes, vampire slaying, backstabbing (literally!), vervain injections and diabolical plans. So, basically, it was no different than any other day.
But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve some recapping! I’ve gone ahead and compiled a most excellent list of unimportant things that deserve attention. And then, I’ve compiled another one that includes some important things. So get ready to read after the jump!

1. Have you ever noticed how American television can’t handle foreign accents? All vaguely European characters ALWAYS have a British accent. Does that say something deeper about our society? That we think all foreign people are British? What is wrong with us? Why do we think Vikings are British?! And why are Mikael, Rebekah and Klaus propagating the stereotype? One could say that they picked it up when they were living in England, which would make much sense, but they were already speaking like that when they lived in Mystic Falls, round one. Read More...



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