Gossip Girl Recap Recap: Gossip Girl Is Sorry She Gave Up on Us

The writers brought it this week, and so did you, commenters! In this episode, the characters were back to their old selves and yet somehow improved. Queen B resurrected her minions to enthusiastic acclaim. The only complaint? Not enough minions. (Shout-out to Hazel!) Chuck used his therapy sessions to make elaborate sexual innuendo, and ended with a Hepburn-esque resolution, and Louis finally grew a pair. Serena, overcome with the power of the written word, naturally chose this week to learn how to write. Nate, Gossip Girl's man tofu, continued to absorb the (terrifying) flavor of the week. Perhaps this explains why wardrobe and hair chose this week to take a vacation. (Wardrobe intern who is now suddenly in charge: If you are reading this, one-shoulder dresses are not the answer to everything.)  Read More...



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