THE SECRET CIRCLE “Balcoin” Review

THE SECRET CIRCLE "Balcoin" Season 1 Episode 9 - You know something big is going to happen when there’s a town event. This time it’s a fundraiser party run by Melissa’s dad and Dawn. Melissa and her cousin, Holden, help out, and sparks start to fly between Holden and the newly single Diana.

Back at the Blake house, Jane is unable to help Cassie understand the parchments Wilson left her, so Cassie enlists Jake’s help. It doesn’t take her long to realise the ‘JB’ initials stood not for Jane but for John Blackwell, Cassie’s father who died in the boat fire. Jake starts acting weird and takes off, and when Cassie tries to talk to him – and ask him to be her date to a fundraiser party – he insists he doesn’t feel anything between them.

Of course, he does, but the witch hunter boss man wants him to come along on a trip to tell the ‘council’ about Cassie’s heritage. Jake holds out up until he sees Cassie in her party dress, and then he’s eschewing common sense to apologise and be her date. Read More...


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