THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Homecoming” Review

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES "Homecoming" Season 3 Episode 9 - So much happens in this midseason finale that I won’t even try to summarise it. Suffice to say that Klaus is alive, Michael is dead, and a great episode came very close to jumping the shark.

I have to admit I thought Klaus was going to die. Whether by Michael, by Elena, or even by Damon (even if it would kill him…for as long as anyone stays dead in TVD), but I never thought he wouldsurvive the end of the episode. By the climax I was convinced they had split the stake in two and as Damon stabbed Klaus, someone would stab Michael. Sadly not.

There’s one thing about the party that’s confusing me even now. Did we ever see Michael or Rebecca taking blood from Elena to store? Surely it would have taken a decent amount of her blood to make all those hybrids? If he did take blood, why did no one consider that he might come armed with hybrid back up? It was very odd. Read More...


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