SUPERNATURAL “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” Review

SUPERNATURAL "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!" Season 7 Episode 8 – In this episode, the boys are in the midst of a little R&R when something goes very, very wrong. Dean is enjoying Vegas Week at a strip club (if you call worrying about your brother "enjoying") when he gets an urgent text from Sam and is ordered to show up in his Fed suit.

But it’s not a monster that awaits Dean when he gets there…oh wait, scratch that, it’s TOTALLY a monster. Creepily annoying Becky has gone from pesky and over- zealous fangirl to downright scary as she gives Sam a love potion and makes him marry her. Dean of course assumes that something is wrong but (drugged) Sam just gets mad and when a case comes up, works it with his new wife. This leaves Dean with a new partner for the week, a scrawny guy named Garth (played awesomely by thewonderful DJ Qualls). Read More...


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