BLUE BLOODS “Lonely Hearts Club” Review

BLUE BLOODS Season 2, Episode 7 "Lonely Hearts Club" – Last night’s Blue Bloods seemed slightly less Reagan-centric with a strong plot line for Jackie. Yet with all the attention on her, I have more questions about her character then ever. Like when she talks about her troubled period in Boston, life-changing mistakes, and "somehow" making it to the police force, was she alluding to a adolescence of crime, possibly including a stint in prostitution? I didn’t know if it was all a comparisonto make Danny less judgmental or if she was hinting at something. My favorite scene of "Lonely Hearts Club" by far was her messing the the cheating politician. If they couldn’t collar him, shaming him seemed like the next best thing. Jackie and Danny’s heart to heart was sweet, and I think they did a good job of conveying a deep relationship without crossing the line to sexual tension, though the way he was fixing her hair definitely bordered on it. Plot devices aside, I found it really, really hard to believe that over-protective Danny, even after the promise to be a little less of a big brother, would leave Jackie in the hotel alone when a John still hadn’t shown. And while I understand she was under the influence of whatever drug the killers had given her and grasping a straws for something that would make them back-off, would anyone really direct serial killers to their gun? Danny gets props for good timing, and even though we can assume the ambulance got to the hotel and Jackie completely recovered, with her flopping around in Danny’s arms I really wanted to see a shot of her recovered in a hospital bed before the episode was over. Read More...


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