BOSS “Slip” Review

BOSS "Slip" Season 1 Episode 4 – There were few long monologues this week though the language was no less force-poetic, and Kelsey Grammar did a much better job of chewing the scenery, but this episode felt like two different shows clashing against each other. One show is the exploration of power and corruption and the underground politics which mar a city as culturally diverse as Chicago. The other is a show about a man with an illness who wants to repair his relationship with his daughter and finish off a legacy before his illness renders him totally incompetent.

The latter show is one I don’t really care about. This is mainly because everything to do with Tom Kane’s illness has been poorly handled: the awful subplot with Kane’s doctor, first the injection intimidation, then the forced vanishing were some of the show’s weakest moments. Then his wholerelationship with his daughter might be interesting, but actress Hannah Ware provides some of the show’s worst line readings and in scenes where she should have been devastating-particularly the scene in this episode where she dismissed her mother pleas to help uncover the problems with her father – she’s just flat.

The other show is much more interesting, the one where Sam makes a huge career-making breakthrough in the O’Hare construction site story only to have the ground pulled out from under him when his vindictive editor leaks the story to Tom Kane, who is able to completely neutralize the story by pre-emptively telling it to the press. Read More...


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